Monday, 3 August 2009

Iron Cupcake London

Tomorrow is the third round of Iron Cupcake London and it'll be the first time I'm entering in this competition. For anyone who might be interested in also competing check out

Each month entrants have to bake a cupcake that meets the theme or uses the key ingredient chosen for the month. This round, the theme is 'dessert-inspired' cupcakes. I decided to make 2 entries - banana spilt sundae cupcakes and croche-en-bouche cupcakes.

The banana split cupcakes are banana and choc-chip cake, topped with buttercream, lolly bananas, mini marshmallows and dark organic chocolate.

The croche en bouche cupcakes are made of an almond cupcake base filled with vanilla bean custard, and topped with mini profiteroles I made with piped choux pastry. The profiteroles are held together with drizzled toffee.

I hope they taste ok. I'll let you know how I go in the competition.

1 comment:

  1. I checked out all the other entries and suspect foul play!!! your croche en bouche cupcakes should have won!