Monday, 9 November 2009

Garrett Frills

I recently learnt how to use a garrett frill cutter to add decorative touches to cakes. This tool is really easy to use and creates lovely frills or ruffles - perfect decorations for wedding or christening cakes. Here's what the cutter looks like:

This particular cutter is from Orchard Products and has 3 interchangeable centres to help you make wider or narrower frills.

To use the cutter, roll out 50/50 paste thinly on a non-stick surface and then press the cutter firmly into the paste. Lift up the cutter, then remove the circle of paste from the centre, so you are left with a scalloped ring.

Use a cocktail stick or a modelling tool to frill the edge of the paste. Continue this process until all edges are done.

Next cut a slit in the ring, then gently open the circle and trim frill to the size you want. Attach the frill to a cake covered in sugarpaste by dampening the unruffled edge of the frill with water before sticking it in place. After placing all the frills on the cake, you can add bows or roses to connect the frills together if desired.

Here's an example of how I used garrett frills to decorate this christening cake.

Hope you have fun making frills!

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