Saturday, 6 March 2010

Cookie Cake

I am officially in love with my new cake pans. The idea of making a sandwich cake shaped as an oreo cookie is just too cute for words. As soon as I saw them on the Williams-Sonoma website I began a hunt to find someone who would post them to the UK. Three weeks later and they have finally arrived!

The box they came in had a recipe for the chocolate cake so I decided to try it out. I'd read mixed reviews online about the pans, and it seemed many people had problems turning the cakes cleanly out of the pans once they were baked. I made sure I greased up the pans well before adding the batter, so I was able to easily take them out. Unfortunately though, I had a lot of air bubbles in the mixture which left holes in the cake. Despite this, I was pretty happy with my first attempt. Even with the bubbles, the cake still looks good......

......................and tastes even better!!

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