Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Pastel Cookies

Last weekend I made a quick batch of cookies to test out my new ovens to make sure they bake evenly. Here's a sample of some of the cookies - they are just plain sugar cookies decorated with royal icing in pastel colours.

And here they are all together ready to take into work for my colleagues.......

Stay tuned for more baking ventures soon!


  1. they are ab gorgeous, please can you tell me what recipe you used for the cookies and how you decorated them :)

  2. Hi, the cookies are basic sugar biscuits, which hold their shape when baked. I'll put up the recipe in my next post - am working on some more biscuits at the moment! For decorating tips, you can check out one of my older blog posts:


  3. i just love those pastel colors!

  4. this is a great website! it is soooo cute!