Saturday, 10 March 2012

Squires Cake Exhibition 2012

This weekend (9-11th March) is the annual Squires Cake Exhibition in Farnham. The exhibition celebrates everything to do with cake decorating and sugarcraft and attracts thousands of enthusiasts from all over the world. There are also several cake competitions and this year I entered the cupcake catergory. The theme was 'baby shower cupcakes' and you can see some of the cupcakes I entered below:

I decided to make something simple and  in my shabby chic style. I knew I'd be up against tough competition and I wasn't wrong. You can see some of the other entries here:

This entry below was my favourite and the one in my opinion that should win. We won't know the scores until Sunday though. The detail on each cupcake was extraordinary - the photo really doesn't do it any justice....
Here's a close up of one of the cupcakes - so amazing....

There were so many other lovely entries - I'll have to do another post soon with more pics.
Here are a few other photos of cakes that were on display at the show.....

This was a c ake in the miniature cake category - the flowers were tiny!!

 Here are some photos from the sugar flower category... they look so real!

And here are some photos of the wedding cakes on display......

Everything was stunning - if you have time this weekend to go to the show I highly recommend it.

Happy baking x


  1. Wow, i just LOVE your cupcakes! So cute those little babies in the umbrellas. Such a shame I live in Holland and can't see al these beautiful pieces in the show.

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