Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Sweet Mini Bunnies

For Easter this year I have been baking batches of mini bunny vanilla biscuits to give as gifts. The biscuits are really easy to make and can either be left plain, or decorated with royal icing.

The recipe I always use for my vanilla biscuits is here.

You can package the biscuits in cellophane bags or store them in a jar or container for at least 3 weeks,  however don't expect them to be stored for a long time because they are so delicious, everyone is likely to eat them quickly.

You can also use the biscuits as cupcake cute.........

I hope you all have fun baking Easter treats xx


  1. Oww these are soooo sweet!!! Love them!

  2. These look adorable. I have a favorite sugar cookie recipe, but it does tend to spread out a bit and get puffy. I will give this a try, and may even try to add some whole wheat to see what happens. Your pictures (and treats) look yummy!

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  4. Hi Lori, I bought them at a fair (they were not in a packet so I'm not sure who made them. But you can find something similar here: x

  5. The link is for sugar cookies. Is that still the recipe you use?