Monday, 11 July 2011

Cookie Stacks

I've been making quite a few cookie stacks recently. They make sweet gifts for friends or are perfect little wedding favours. Each one is made up of 6 round cookies - two small, two medium and two large.

Once your cookies have cooled, stick them together with royal icing as shown below. The cookies will look like a mini 3-tiered sweet!

You can then decorate them  using royal icing, sugarpaste decorations, glitter etc. Whatever takes your fancy. I made a few blossoms out of sugarpaste then glued them cascading down the front of the cookie stack with royal icing.

Here are some other examples:

This one has sugarpaste inbetween each cookie which makes the stack taller.

This one is decorated in a country garden theme. You can add as much or little decoration as you like!

Hope you enjoy making cookie stacks.

Happy baking x

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