Sunday, 11 September 2011

Ribbon Rose Tutorial

I love ribbon roses. You can make them with any type of edible paste (sugarpaste, modelling paste, flowerpaste, marzipan etc), and they are really simple to put together. I often spend a lazy afternoon making a whole batch of them, then leave them to dry in a container so they are on hand as decorations for any last minute cupcakes I need to make.

If you want to make some ribbon roses as well, here's a simple tutorial to help you along the way.

1. Roll out some paste on a non-stick board with a non-stick rolling pin. If the paste is quite sticky, put a little bit of icing sugar on your board. Roll the paste out into a thin ribbon.

2. Fold the ribbon of paste in half.

 3. Start at one end of the ribbon and begin rolling it (like a snail shell).

 4.  Next take the long end of the ribbon and start to wrap it around the centre of the rose.

5. Pinch the paste as you wrap it around to give it a ruffle effect.

6. Once the rose is the size you desire it will have quite a long tail.
 7. Snip off the excess paste with scissors.

Your ribbon roses are then ready to use and enjoy.

Happy baking xx

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  1. Thanks, they look very good!