Thursday, 25 April 2013


It finally feels like Spring has arrived in London after a very long cold winter. Time to get all of my pastel crockery out and start to adorn the house in flowers. Some of the spring touches I've added to my house this week are above. You can see a sneek peek of a few of my teasets as well. I must admit, collecting old crockery is my absolute favourite past time, apart from baking of course....

Here are a few things coming out of the kitchen at Icing Bliss to bring the sunshine into the house...
Cookie stacks decorated with delicate sugar blossoms
Sweet little bunny biscuits decorated with royal icing
Teapot cookies - they make lovely favours for a kitchen tea
Shabby chic grey and cream cupcakes - gorgeous for an elegant wedding
Frilly flower 6" cutting cake  made as part of a display for a wedding
 Hope the lovely weather is inspiring you all to create lovely bakes this week!

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